"At Avondrood Vineyards, every new day brings the promise of a life lived in pure simplicity. No wonder every single drop of our wine is simply beautiful."

Avondrood is situated in the beautiful Breede River Valley between the majestic Cape mountains. It is also the home of the
Van Rensburg family and a place where everyone shares a love for wine and wine farming. This boutique cellar is our way of living our passion for the land and wine. The grapes harvested for our terroir specific wines, are grown in the very rocky mountain hillside vineyards on the estate. We selected different slopes for different cultivars.

About Us

Avondrood is a boutique cellar run by the Van Rensburg family who shares a passion for their land and wine.


Avondrood Mountain House offers a complete getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.